Walk Photos – November 2018

2018-11-23 Barnard Castle (Leader Peter Craig)

An unexpectedly large group (17 in all) which is something I’m not used to. Thanks to good weather and Heinrich serving as whipper-in we all got back in time and in good health. The walk plan fell apart at the first obstacle (the foot-bridge over the Tees was closed) but we muddled through and kept to the 10 miles planned, if not the route intended.

2018-11-17 Wark (Leader Peter Craig)

A group of 6 following the identical route as Michael Webster. Notable for the lunch stop at Coventina’s Well by Hadrians Wall being invaded by a coachload of students enjoying a lecture on Roman religeous practices.

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2018-11-13 Irthington (Leader Peter Craig)

Not many photographs today. As we had Peter Bell with us we expected to see chapter and verse on his blog. Unfortunately he was all set up to photograph fireworks and forgot to reset his camera to walking mode. Joice normally hide from the camera but was bewailing the loss of a group photo with the garage robot.

2018-11-06 Haydon Bridge (Leader Peter Craig)

A group of 11 set off up the hill from our drop-off by Haydon Bridge Station. It would have been 12 if Brian’s boots had survived the descent from the coach to the pavement.
This is a catchup blog to share photos taken on walks over the last few months

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