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2016-01-16 Ullswater & Newlands Valley

2016-01-16 Ullswater & Newlands Valley

Three of us (Andrew Nicoll, Steve Sharpe & myself) set off with the promise of snow on the ground and blue sky (for the morning at least) and all seemed to be going according to plan.  We stopped at the boathouse on Ullswater  and then, for me, things started to[…]Short-eared Owls

Short-eared Owls

As it was forecast as a sunny start to the day I went to St Mary’s Island to look for the short-eared owls Ann Brown had told me about. Since I am no ornithologist my normal technique is to look for folks standing around with large cameras on tripods.  Sure enough[…]2015-11-01 Curlews

2015-11-01 Curlews

This Sunday I spent a couple of hours paddling at low tide by St Mary’s Island in my new wellies.  It was a lovely sunny day – just right for half the population of Whitley Bay to be out with dogs, children and rock pool nets.  The bird population had seen it[…]2015-10-28 Latrigg & Derwentwater

2015-10-28 Latrigg & Derwentwater

It had been a long term objective to visit the Lake District to photograph autumn colours and introduce Les to hill walking. After months of planning to avoid holidays (surprisingly difficult when life is now one long holiday) the day was chosen. A 5 am. start was planned to get[…]2015-09 Mull boat trip - Sea Eagles

2015-09 Mull boat trip – Sea Eagles

This was (for me) the main event of a week on Mull – a boat trip to photograph the white tailed sea eagles now well re-established in Scotland.  In Scotland the weather is all important and this day was close to perfect – only one passing squall of rain which was[…]

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