My start point

It all started,for me, with a YouTube video by Tyler Moore.  It was 3 hours long but enabled me to create the first version of this site.

The video here introduced me to OceanWP and Elementor which together give a plug and play way to build a site – no coding needed.

This iteration of the guides produced by Tyler suits me for now but I have him on my YouTube watch list. It’s my way to be made aware of developments.

Adding New Pages

This is a small section of the Full video.  I’ve introduced it to try out the introduction of a video template.

There are so many options in the free version of Elementor that I find it helps me to become more familiar with the software.

Image typeImage DimensionsOptimum File size
Hero image1280 x 720 (16:9)180kb
Supporting image900 x 600
800 x 800
Photo GalleryGallery2500 wide250-300Kb


A set of 3 photos at 3 different lightroom export sizes 700,1400,2500
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