My name is Peter Craig and this website is somewhere for me to try out web designing as a complete novice.

As my main interests are fell walking and photography I’ll be using these subjects as a focus and trying to replicate effects I see in other websites.

Up to now I’ve played with Facebook, Flickr and Picasa as a way to share photos.  I have yet to settle on a preferred method so for now there will be a mixture.  There are pros and cons in all methods.  What will be the deciding factor will be whether or not I can understand what I am doing.

My biggest mistake so far (I think) has been to upload file which are far too large for their purpose.  It’s going to take a bit of work to correct that basic error.  

To help me, and in the future remind me of the correct way to do things I’ll create a  page to show my processes and the resources I’ve found on the internet.  It might even help others setting out on this journey.

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