2016-01-16 Ullswater & Newlands Valley

2016-01-16-Lakes-WBPS_066_67_68_69_70-copy.jpgThree of us (Andrew Nicoll, Steve Sharpe & myself) set off with the promise of snow on the ground and blue sky (for the morning at least) and all seemed to be going according to plan.  We stopped at the boathouse on Ullswater  and then, for me, things started to go wrong.  I managed to drop my camera into a puddle before taking a single photo.

After a panicked drying off process it “sounded” as if photos were being taken when the shutter release button was pressed but the screen was blank and no settings could be changed.  One bit of luck was that the camera was set to take exposures in brackets of 5 so I spent the day focusing manually, pressing the button and hoping for the best.

In the afternoon the snow clouds moved in and we moved to the Newlands Valley to explore Stonycroft Gill above Stonycroft Farm.  Access to the stream was limited from the path up the side steep-sided valley and I found that Andrew & Steve weren’t too keen on climbing down to the stream-bed to get the correct perspective.  They were unmoved by the promise of lovely tones in the rocks and the onset of steady snowfall brought an end to proceedings.  By this time my camera screen had returned to life so my mood had improved knowing that I did have some images to work with.


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