2015-10-28 Latrigg & Derwentwater

wpid1378-2015-10-28-Latrigg_004.jpgIt had been a long term objective to visit the Lake District to photograph autumn colours and introduce Les to hill walking. After months of planning to avoid holidays (surprisingly difficult when life is now one long holiday) the day was chosen. A 5 am. start was planned to get the early morning light but it all seemed to be unraveling when the weather forecasts got progressively worse as the day got closer. Andrew and I were ready to call it off. We knew that it was unlikely we would be going up Cat Bells as the intended gentle introduction to the hills for Les and Steve.

However Les and Steve remained keen so we set off as planned.

We arrived in time to follow winding roads up the side of Latrigg (to the N.W. of Keswick) and catch the mist seeming to clear from the hills – as it happens it closed in again but by then we were happy.  We had our photos.

Buoyed up by this we headed to the approaches to Cat Bells but when we got there we knew it would be silly to head upwards.  Instead we headed down to the lakeside at Abbot’s Bay where the last three shots in the gallery were taken.  Well worth the effort.

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